Kerrobert's 100th Birthday July 2011

The start of the big parade! These yahoos were sitting beside me, until the McNichol ditched us, and hopped onto one of the floats.

This was my favorite.

Mark Mark

Friday evening was a tad wet.

My sister, Chris, runs the art gallery, and she and the others in the art group with her, put up a display of 100 works of art. This was one of them.

Chris’ son, Brendan, and Christy flew in to be part of the celebrations, they stopped at the Mendal art gallery, where I got a visit in with them. They arrived on Chris’ b’day, and gave her a very unique gift (even if I was slow to figure it out!!!!) She won’t actually get to see her gift for another 6 months.

Some people are very reluctant models, hey Jan? Here she is in her garden of Eden.

This was out at the farm on Thurs. evening. The first time we’ve all been together since??? 5 years?

Clem, Chris, Mark, moi,Carl

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