Flower garden 2011

Upload from August 16, 2011

 Daniel’s way of weeding!

Upload from August 16, 2011

 I planted mostly flowers and herbs this year, and I love being in the garden now. They are from a new catalog, mostly heritage seeds. There are lots I won’t grow again, but these, ‘Tidy Tips’ will definitely be back.

Upload from August 16, 2011

 Sweet Saltan

Flower garden

 The whole point of growing the flowers was to bring them indoors. The trouble is, I didn’t plan the colors out too well for making bouquets.Flower gardenOK, this is cheating to include these, since Kyla brought them when she heard I went to the hospital for Xrays. Nothing was broken, so I didn’t really deserve them, but they gave me ideas for making bouquets. Thanks Kyla <3

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Hi cathy, great blog. Will save it and keep up to date as to what's going on with you! Cheers, Bro carl Newfoundland has been quite rainy, but the past few days have been warmer and more sun! Coco, the dog I am looking after chewed up one of my hearing aids! I am getting it repaired before i head back to Saudi. Crazy dog!

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